About Us

Aim & Legacy

Christened after the eminent freedom fighter, scholar and educationist, the Lala Lajpat Rai Hall of Residence was founded on March 18, 1967. The title of "Sher-e-Punjab" which was bestowed on Lala Lajpat Rai, continues to invoke passion and pride among Lajpatians as they strive to bring similar honour and glory to their hall. Lajpatians seek an opportunity to excel at everything, be it sports, social and cultural activities, academics or pursuit of their own hobbies.

The motto of the hall is "Karmanaiva Hi Sansiddhi", which means one can only get success or achievement by performing his karma. This motto is aimed at inspiring all boarders to pursue their work with excellence and is central to all the pursuits of our hall. The hall aims to inculcate a feeling of togetherness and accomplishment amongst the boarders. LLR's tagline "Once a Lajpatian, ever a Lajpatian" is something everyone swears by, be it the highly successful alumni or the current residents.


  • Shovan Panigrahi elected to the post of Vice President, Technology Students' Gymkhana, 2016-17
  • Institute Gold Medals, 2015-16:
    President of India Gold MedalPrithwish MukharjeeComputer Science & Engineering
    Prime Minister of India Gold MedalSachin KumarComputer Science & Engineering
    Dr. Jnan Chandra Ghosh Memorial Gold MedalAditya BanerjeeChemical Engineering
  • GYMKHANA AWARDS, 2015-16:
      • Institute Blue:
        • Rajeev Lochan Chakraborty - Table Tennis
        • Sai Kumar Marlapti - Basketball
      • Honorable Mention:
        • Shreenu Dharavath - Hockey
        • Anchit Singh Sekhon - Squash
        • Aditya Banerjee - Water Polo
      • Special Mention:
        • Aditya Banerjee - Swimming
      • Order of Merits:
        • Nayan Mallick - Entertainment
        • Soham Goswami - Entertainment
      • Honorable Mention:
        • Gaurav Kumar Jha - Entertainment
      • Special Mention:
        • Abhishek Kumar - Literary


  • Silver in Open IIT Dramatics with Best Script.
  • Lala Lajpat Rai Hall launches the Student Mentor Programme which includes the guidance and mentorship of every second-year student by a 4th or a 5th-year student of his own department. Get the mentor list here.
  • Gold in Open IIT English Elocution
  • Bronze in Open IIT Sketching
  • Bronze in Open IIT Table Tennis
  • 6th in Open IIT 5K Road Race